Hey everyone! I started disc golf back in college 2008, and like most I grabbed whatever looked cool of the retail shelves. I mostly played just for the fun of it when I had down time between classes. In 2012 I started to really think about competitive play. I started by finding what brand worked best for me. I went through almost every disc golf supplier at that time, plastic types, grippynes (is that even a word?!), weights, you name it. However, every time I needed a shot to do exactly what I wanted it to, I reached for my MVP Ion. With that in mind, I gave all my other discs away and filled my bag with MVP plastic. Thats not to say others aren't good to, but MVP was durable and consistent and what I liked to throw. Fast forward to 2016 and I joined the PDGA and started to play in my first sanctioned tournaments. I scored 1st in Rec in 2017 and moved to Intermediate in 2018. Well, my health got the best of me in 2018-2019, but I'm back and working through it all in 2020 with hopes to get back into the game. 

My favorite discs are the Octane, Switch (RIP), Tensor (RIP) and the Soft Electron Atom. I currently use the MVP Voyager Slim (Orange) as my day to day bag and the Zuca Cart for those bigger tournaments. 

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